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Based upon industry and CSIRO studies, one in three homes will be attacked and/or damaged by termites during the economic life of the home. The damage can be severe as termites are capable of destroying wall, floor and roof timbers within a few months. The risk usually increases with the age and location of the property. However, there have been cases of new homes being severely damaged shortly after construction. Furthermore as the bill from termite damage runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars each year insurance companies will not insure against termite damage. It is therefore vitally important that you protect what in most cases is your most valuable asset ie your home against termite attack and to safe guard the health and wellbeing of your family against disease carrying rats and cockroaches, venomous spiders and other general pests.

An attack on the home is usually initiated from a nest in the ground, the nest can be up to 100 meters from the home. The termites build galleries over piers or walls to attack the structure from bellow. Usually the nest is outside the building perimeter but occasionally a nest may be buried beneath the building. Brick and concrete construction is of itself no protection against termites which may exploit fine cracks in mortar or slabs to gain access to timber within the building. Termites inside the building must maintain contact with the soil and with the nest.

The reason so much damage is caused by termites is that they usually gain entry to the timber without being seen and eat the timber from the inside out. By the time obvious signs appear of termite infestation considerable damage may have occurred as the termites have probably been present for some time. It is therefore important to be aware of the termite hazard and potential damage they can cause.

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